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Identify Returning Users
Beyond Cookie

Boost your marketing ROI: Omnitrack Plus tracking data enrichment quickly improves
campaign ROAS through returning users' recognition & enhancing tracking data sent to
Facebook CAPI, Google Ads, Tiktok, and more!

  • 50% increase

    in Facebook Match Quality Scores

  • 30% increase

    in Google Ads conversions tracked

  • 2-6x more

    Add to Cart events captured
    and sent to Klaviyo & Omnisend

Not only extend cookies,
We build user identity graph


Send 200%+ more Abandoned Cart Emails

Leveraging Omnitrack's Tracking data Enrichment and Omnisend's Custom Event integration, most of OmnitrackPlus's customers experience over 50% product view and add-to-cart events. As a result, more abandoned flow emails being sent and a direct lift in ROI from your Omnitrack Plus integration.

Scale Facebook Ads quickly

Meta Ads' performance improves with more accurate data. So the best practice is, to send 100% of conversion events and provide the most comprehensive user data to maximize match quality scores. Omnitrack delivers both of the above two.


Increase Google Ads Conversion Rates

Google Ads is critical in marketing strategy for DTC brands. With Omnitrack's new server-side implementation, we not only send more tracked conversions but also enrich with the enhanced matching data that Google requires to boost performance.

Boost Tiktok Ads performance

TikTok is growing so fast that each ambitious marketer would use it. Leveraging Omnitrack's tracking data Enrichment and Tiktok ads Event API integration, most customers experience a 50% improvement in match rate.


Improve Facebook Match Rates by 200%

Many Facebook CAPI or Server2Server applications fail to enrich events such as add-to-cart with user data from previous sessions. As a result, match rates for critical parameters,e.g. email and phone number could be lower than 10%.
Omnitrack’s Tracking Data Enrichment, in contrast, utilizes previous site activity and existing profiles to enrich events for the current session. This solution leads to a remarkable improvement in match rates for key parameters, by over 200% usually.

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