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How we are different


See how Convbox compares to Triple Whale.

The Main Difference

Triple Whale is an ecommerce tool providing attribution analytics and reports, aiming to analize Shopify marketing channels and campaigns purchase conversions . However, the attribution analytics that Triple Whale provide does not increase ad performance. They just provide better marketing insight for digital decisions.

Triple Whale does not fix the biggest issue at the moment, that ad platforms such as Meta, Google, and TikTok are still receiving inaccurate data, leading to slow ads AI learning and lower actual ads performance, along with broken reports.

Convbox, on the other hand, makes sure your ad platforms receive customer behavioral data from Shopify and other source, and perform optimally. This leads to more reliable ad performance reports, plus your ad performance improvement.
Convbox not only fix tracking issues for marketing platforms. We also fix tracking data for analysis tools like Google Analytics or Google Data Studio.

Triple Whale provide attribution dashboard to replace marketing platforms' built-in ads managers, without any impact to improve ad performance.

OmniTrack, in contrast, allows you to improves ad performance through enhanced tracking, while also provide conversion analytics and reports to provide you correct metrics.

The Details

Triple Whale
Attribution Analytics
lmproves ads performance (ROAS,CPA)
Correct Google Conversion Code
Correct data in ad platforms
Meta conversions API
Correct data in GA4
GTM Integration
Subscription orders Attribution
No coding

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Learn how Convbox can help you easily fix your ads
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