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How we are different

Facebook Channel APP

See how OmniTrack compares to Facebook Channel APP

The Details

Native APP(Facebook Channel)
Standard client-side pixel
Sends events to CAPI for all pixel events
Automatic deduplication
Prevents over-reporting
Catalog Feed
Automate product feed from Shopify to Facebook cataloge
Webhook Events
Ensures 100% of checkout and purchase events delivered
Supports Multiple Pixels
Run multiple pixels in parallel on site
Integrates Subscription Apps
Track checkout and purchase events for offsite subscription providers
Customize Events
Hyper & Super Events
Audience Builder Pro
Event Accuracy Monitoring

User Data

Phone Number
External ID
24 hour - 7 day expiration
1 year expiration
Location Data
Address Data
_fbp cookie
_fbc cookie
First Party User Matching

Customization Options

Product ID Type
Choose from SKU, variant ID, or product ID
Revenue amount
Select with you want to send pre/post discounts, tax, and shipping
Post Purchase Upsells
Send main purchase and upsell/downsell purchase events
GRPR & CCPA options

Other features

URL Builder
Customer Journey Analytics
Send Pixel data to BI & CRM
Ads Conversion Analysis
Check Convbox
Product Conversion Analysis
Check Convbox
Conversion Path Analysis
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