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Improve Tracking Accuracy for
Conversion Tracking

With Omnitrack Smart Tracking during the full customer Journey, you can achieve 99% Accuracy.
Install and setup once, and Omnitrack will send conversion data to Facebook, GA, Tiktok and
more from both ServerSide and Browser, deduplicated.

Audience Click Your Ads

The whole customer journey starts with
media ads click. Omnitrack smart tracking
helps you know correctly which channel
your audience come from.

Customer Visit Your Website

Get the conversion events including
initiate checkout, add to cart, purchase,
etc. Know more about your users through
their website behavior.

Events Sent to Media & Analytics

OmniTrack sends the server-side
conversion data to your marketing
channels and analysis tools with near
100% accuracy (and GDPR compliant).

Omnitrack can be installed on your shopify store in minutes, with no coding skill required.

Event Data benchmark

After correctly installed, you can view accuracy comparison through
our accuracy monitoring feature. You will easily find problem if the
target accuracy are not met.

Accurate Data Save Your Money

Omnitrack Server-side tracking along with First Party cookie solution ensures 98%+ accuracy of your conversion and customer data collected.

With our seamless integration with Shopify and out-of-the-box solution, everything is setup correctly after you install and do the initial setting.

Increase Site Speed

Your store loading time is critical for conversion rates and traffics from search engines. Sites with fast loading time always has better customer experience and conversion rate.

With Omnitrack, you just need to install one pixel from us, we will track all marketing platforms for you. So you don't need to install a lot of plugins to make your site theme slow down.

Know more About OmniTrack

Learn how OmniTrack can help you easily fix your ads
data problems and scale faster.