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Improve Facebook Ads
ROAS over 20%

With Omnitrack Server Side tracking and First Party Identity technology, you will getmore salesand get
higher ROAS, and be able to target new customers by increasing the number of trackable conversions
sending to Facebook accurately to 100%. Protect your ads budgetby maximizing the amount of user
matched on your marketing channels!

Most Brand improve ROAS with Omnitrack

in simply two steps

Step 01

Connect Facebook Pixel & CAPI

Setup is so easy, just less than 3 miniutes. Just configure and connect your Meta destination settings. And sit while we do the rest data fix works automaticly for you!

Step 02

Customize to Your Needs

You have full control over the data and send to wherever you need. No coding or technology skills required.

Trusted by over 1,000+ customers

How We Make It

Increase your sales with a smart integration of Facebook CAPI


Fix blocked data and Feed your ads with abundent Events correctly

Post IOS 14+ marketing world are broken, Omnitrack fixes this with our Server Side tracking along with client side tracking. Omnitrack seamlessly and stablely integrated with your prefered storefront like Shopify, and over 30+ built-in events to help you customize your target audience and reduce you CPA.


Best-in-class User Identity Matching

Omnitrack collects Facebook advanced matching parameters like fbc and fbc cookie values, email, phone number, address, and location data. Omnitrack uses Server-Side 1 year user-id which doesn't expire in iOS or block by Adblockers, along with our First Party user identity mapping technology to further improve user matching for you.


Automatic Deduplication

Deduplication is built in Omnitrack automaticly, you don't even need to set it up -- we add the deduplication parameters like event name and event id to all standard and non standard customized events. This way, event over-reporting in Facebook Ads Manager will be minimized.


Full control customization

Pixel data is completely under control on your hand. You can setup your prefered important customization options, like revenue value, productID type, and subscription orders handling method, which channels you wish to send the data to, and more.


Checkout tool and Subscription integrations

Because we already integrated with subscription and checkout customize apps. You can choose to send subscription event only for the initial subscription setup, or send it every time when a recurring order is triggered.


GDPR & CCPA compliant

You can choose to turn on the GDPR & CCPA compliant option for your server side tracking for your data sent to Facebook and other destinations, we already integrated and support both Server Side CAPI and Client side tracking with Facebook.

Still have questions?

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