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How we are different


See how Convbox compares to Elevar.

The Main Difference

Elevar is a server-side tracking for Shopify, it is a good solution based on GTM(Google Tag Manager). However, Convbox's tracking was developed specifically for iOS 14+, adblockers and cookieless situation. Convbox's enriched server-side tracking is more accurate and enriched conversion tracking with Server Side tracking and First Party Cookie technology to make ad platforms perform optimally.

Convbox provides an out-of-the-box tracking solution while Elevar provides a layer on top of Google Tag Manager (GTM). This means, Elevar is dependent on GTM. So the setups are prone to missing events, inconsistencies, and duplication issues. Also correctly operate on GTM/GA4 needs some knowledge and time consuming to set up it without issue.

So Elevar charges $750 or up to help you with quick onboarding, with this price and time, they setup mannually for you, and they only offers support maintenance starting from $500/month. In contrast, Convbox offers quick and easy onboarding, and has maintenance and support included for all plans, no extra fee.

Convbox was also built to support to headless, custom, and multi-store setups, offering additional flexibility. Convbox also offers more integrations.

The Details

Server-side tracking
Event enhancement for improved event matching
Subscription tracking
Built for headless
Meta CAPI integration
Google Analytics 4 (GA4) integration
Ads data improvement
Setup <5 minutes
Multiple stores in 1 account
Advanced events
Automatic event deduplication
Conversion Analysis
Customer journey tracking (profiles)
Audiences / Segments
Datawarehouse/BI integrations
Lifetime value tracking and reporting
Influencer/Creator Tracking
Custom integrations
Unlimited connections
Real-time monitoring and logs for event collection and forwarding
Founded by engineers
Free trial
Support by engineers
Ongoing tracking support
Historic data import

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